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The Studio


Since 2004, Blue Heron Yoga of Mississippi, a Studio in the Country, has provided a beautiful and tranquil sanctuary  for all levels of yoga practitioners from a wide geographic area.  

Outside, the view is  expansive, encompassing pastures, trees, a blueberry orchard and softly rising and falling terrain.

Inside the building are walls and floors of beautifully figured poplar, the product of a  tree that fell on the property.  The space is open and uncluttered, offering plenty of calming breathing room without being too large for comfort.

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We offer not only a lovely space but also many tools to heighten and improve a student's understanding of her/his own body as it relates to space, time and gravity.  Commonly known as props, we see blankets, chairs, blocks, straps and wall ropes, among other items, as tools that enhance both the yoga experience and life off the mat.