Hatha Yoga

Everyone can do yoga 

With the help of tools like blocks, chairs, straps, blankets we will help you find:

Stability, mobility, flexibility

Breath, alignment, balance

Relaxation, stress and pain reduction, improved mental acuity

Self-exploration, self-awareness
Self-confidence, self-empowerment

In treating mind and body, the spirit is also treated.

Yoga is so much more than just exercise.




January 7 - June 24

10-11:30 AM : Laris

4:30 - 6 PM :Eileen
Fundamentals & more

This is a beginners class; also good for those who have been away from yoga for some time.

  January 8 - June 25

10-11:30 AM: Laris
January 10-June 27

7 - 8 AM:  Eileen
Early Bird Yoga
All levels

An hour of breathing and gentle movement  to get your day started in the best possible way.

8:30 - 10 AM: Eileen
Fundamentals & more
All levels



1.5 hr classes: $15 ea
1 hr class: $12 ea
$120 for 10 classes*

*Apply to 1 or more classes per week;
use within 10 weeks

*Good for all classes including Early Bird Yoga

Cannot be used for Special Offerings

Private lessons:  $35/hour
Shared (2 people):$60/hour



Reserve your spot:





Private or shared sessions

 Private:$35 an hour

     Shared (2 people):  $50 an hour

Laris           Eileen

 Arrange a private or shared session:  


Yoga is a wonderful way to address balance, flexibility, strength, mobility or tension issues, whether related to a specific injury or just life in general.

Private or shared sessions with Laris or Eileen are perfect for discovering how practicing at home can support your goal to live a happy, healthy integrated life. They can also be just the confidence booster you need to join a class and enjoy the energy of practicing in community with others.