From "Best Things Mississippi"

The 10 Best Yoga Studios in Mississippi!

By Amy Gremillion

"For a practice that is over 5,000 years old, yoga is surprisingly effective at alleviating the stresses of modern life. All throughout our state, studios of expert yogis are teaching relaxation through meditation and poses to their students. Whether you've never even tried Child's Pose or you're trying to perfect Sayanasana, these are the 10 best yoga studios in Mississippi." 

9. Blue Heron Yoga of Mississippi, Summit, MS

"Blue Heron Yoga in Summit emphasizes a light-hearted approach to yoga, reassuring visitors that they should be focused on the process rather than achieving a specific goal. The studio is run by Laris Mitchell, who believes that a healthy dose of laughter makes the yoga experience that much more therapeutic. In addition to regular classes, Blue Heron Yoga offers private lessons."

 Stella Page,  Blue Heron Yoga student/busy mom


"If you have been considering yoga, but a bit shy to try, call Laris and come join us at her delightful getaway studio. It is a WONDERFUL (and affordable) gift to yourself!

I'm 52, a busy mom, somewhat overweight, suffer from joint issues, live 30 miles away and have been "escaping" to this yoga retreat for an hour and a half of bliss (and yes, a workout... and fun) once/week since Jan.

My balance, posture, flexibility, vertigo and overall physical health has improved. As well as my mental attitude. Yoga connects body with mind, focusing attention on moving and maintaining poses, gradually.

Eileen, our teacher, is a JOY and an excellent teacher, who gently guides you, giving individual instruction as needed. She is so respectful of where each person is in their own life and is a wonder at giving us cues as to the how, as well as the how not to pose, drawing our attention to crucial details so as to avoid injuries. She and Laris both share these gifts as well as giving gobs of helpful, life applications. I learn something new each class. And it stems from their own rich experiences, practice, knowledge and genuine enjoyment of yoga.

Physical, mental and also spiritual. Again Eileen is so respectful of each person's beliefs. As a born again Christian, when we have quiet, relaxing meditation (savasana) at the end of class (my favorite part) it is like prayer for me- inhaling God's blessings with thankfulness, then exhaling (letting go of) any stressful things/thoughts/feelings with calm resolve.

So. There's my two cents in a turtle shell.  All props are provided, mats, blankets... simply wear comfy pants, t-shirt, bare feet and a desire to nurture yourself. Hope you're encouraged to join us."

Renee Ravencraft Bierbaum of Raven's Nest Yoga Community 

"I absolutely LOVE Blue Heron Yoga and the instructors there! The atmosphere is calming and serene. The practice area is gorgeous and well thought out. Blue Heron is a top notch yoga studio in every way. I am a yoga instructor myself so I am pretty picky about where I do my own practice. You can't go wrong with Blue Heron. I highly recommend it."